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Should you be interested in a unique customized African safari, a carefully crafted itinerary, or an exclusive private jet expedition, Bushtracks Expeditions is the place for you.

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If you're looking for Destination Management Company, experts in Southern Africa, or specialists in ground handling services Bushtracks Africa is the place for you.

About Us



Bushtracks, as a united force, is in a unique position to offer luxury travel throughout Africa, with seamless service, and exceptional support when booking as we have experienced staff situated in both the United States and Africa. Our professional reservations team is reinforced by knowledgeable ground handling experts and long-standing relationships with Africa’s premier suppliers allowing us to deliver high-quality, bespoke safaris to all of our valued guests. 


The Tett brothers, born into a sixth-generation African family, have run two enterprises for many years. Bushtracks Expeditions, situated in California, and Bushtracks Africa, based in the Kaza Region, in the heart of Africa. Now, these two companies have merged into a union that is stronger than the sum of their parts as they each work to support and enrich the other.


David and Christopher Tett believe that "Combined under the Bushtracks umbrella, we will draw on our decades of experience to push the boundaries of travel innovation and remain focused on delivering outstanding services and capabilities."


Each Bushtracks journey is a true African adventure, planned by African insiders with first-hand knowledge of the continent's attractions, camps, and guides. The Tett brothers spent much of their youth camping in Botswana's Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and Okavango Delta, as well as Zimbabwe's Hwange, Mana Pools, Gonarezhou, and Chizarira National Parks. When you embark on a Bushtracks safari, you'll be exploring wild regions they know intimately and meeting African personalities they've known for decades.


Bushtracks in its entirety is keenly aware of the vital importance of sustainable travel and how it supports wild places and their cohabitating communities. Staying at our hand-picked safari camps ensures you contribute to conservation. Collectively, these safari camps manage and protect millions of acres of wildlands and fund hundreds of communities.



Are you looking for your next unique adventure? Or do you want to follow epic safari stories and interesting insights into our world of travel? Click below to join our tribe. 

Bushtracks is pleased to welcome new travel partners to our safari network. Should you be interested in signing up with us as a travel professional please click below. 

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Join Our Journey

1% FOR 


Bushtracks  is proudly partnering with  Wildlife Conservation Network, an innovative United States-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that protects endangered species by supporting conservationists who ensure wildlife and people coexist and thrive. Wildlife Conservation Network supports projects in 78 countries and has helped 92 species through its Partner Network and Wildlife Funds. 


Booking with Bushtracks means traveling on a sustainable safari that contributes 1% of the trip cost to WCN’s wildlife and community projects. 


Upon returning home, travelers will receive a letter with the donation amount which can be allocated to the project of their choice at Wildlife Conservation Network – making their journey, and their footprint in our destinations, impactful.

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